Customise Your Own Preserved Flowers arrangement that is uniquely yours here.

Customise Your Own - Steamboat Willie Mickey

Customise Your Own - Steamboat Willie Mickey

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Customise your own preserved flowers arrangement with Steamboat Willie Mickey.

Size of each figurine is approximately 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 6cm (LBH). 

Estimate prices:

Steamboat Willie Mickey (Small arrangement) - $130

The above prices are estimated. The final price for your customised arrangement will depend on the colour, number and sizes of the roses and the add-ons used in the arrangement. Click here for more details on our pricing. 

Note: Please contact us to get a quotation for customising your own arrangement. An advance order for your customised arrangement is advisable as each arrangement will take about 3-5 working days upon receiving payment / deposit. There will be an additional $30 surcharge for urgent orders if we are able to slot your arrangement into our schedule. 

Payment for Customisation:

An electronic invoice with the final quotation will be sent to you via email upon the completion of the customisation review. Please note that handcrafting will commence only after payment is received.