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All About Preserved Flowers

What are Preserved Flowers?


Preserved flowers are 100% natural, real flowers. Only the most beautiful and radiant ones are hand picked for preservation to maintain their beauty and freshness. Real flowers are preserved with a 100% eco-certified technology, using special non-toxic and non-corrosive chemicals. The whole preservation process wakes approximately 1 to 2 weeks.


Preserved flowers can generally last 1-3 years or more, unlike fresh flower that will wither in days. There is no specific expiry date for our preserved flowers. The colours of the preserved flowers may fade over time but they will not wither. It's lifespan depends on the environment conditions. Some may last more than 3 years under optimal conditions.


How to care for Preserved Flowers?


No maintenance is required, i.e. no sunlight and no watering required! Do not place the preserved flowers under direct sunlight and do not water them.
Additional notes on preserved flowers:
  • Do not place the preserved flowers in a wet or dry environment, e.g. bathroom.
  • Optimal conditions for maintenance of preserved flowers
    • Relative humidity levels of 40%-70%.
    • Constant temperature between C - 35°C
  • Do not pull / squeeze the flowers. Avoid touching the flowers too frequently. Preserved flowers are real flowers and are delicate and fragile. Frequent touching, pulling or squeezing the flowers may cause it to wither.
  • Do not place the flowers upside down.
  • If dust / water collects on the flowers, use a hair dryer in cool mode, at a distance, dry the flowers or blow the dust away.
  • If condensation appears in the glass cover, wipe the cover with a clean cloth. Leave the flowers in cool room overnight before covering them again.
  • The colours of preserved flowers may fade and their sizes may shrink after a few months.