Customise Your Own Preserved Flowers arrangement that is uniquely yours here.

Why so Expensive?

One of the most frequent questions we get about our preserved flowers arrangements is “Why so expensive?”.

Here are some of the reasons to this.

  1. Each arrangement is handcrafted by Lady Flo’rae in Singapore only upon order.

  2. Every arrangement is unique and you’ll not find two arrangements looking exactly the same.

  3. Preserved flowers are value for money. Fresh flowers wither after 1-2 weeks but preserved flowers can last about 1-3 years or even more. Do the math. Preserved flowers cost more but last so much longer. Aren’t they more value for money?

  4. Best quality materials are selected by hand for each arrangement. Only the biggest blooms are selected by our factory to go through the preservation process. The bigger the rose, the rarer they are and the more costly they are. Our Only You and Lady Flo’rae x Q Posket collection use the 9-10cm preserved roses, that’s why they are more expensive as compared to the other arrangements.

  5. Only genuine products are used in our arrangement, for example, all our QPosket figurines are genuine licensed products.

  6. A 6-months warranty is given to our preserved flowers arrangements*. Our warranty comprises repairs and a replacement if necessary within 6 months. *Only applicable to arrangements from The Ladies, The Duchess, The Rainbows, The Diamonds, Only You, You’re My Rainbow, Lady Flo’rae x Q Posket.

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